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Suspended Ceilings Birmingham is a family-run business, operating for over 30 years in the areas of Birmingham, Worcester and Droitwich. Our team consists of 25 experienced staff members who are highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of suspended ceiling installations.

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Whether you need a single office or an entire building equipped with suspended ceilings we have you covered – no job is too big or too small for our team. We understand that the quality of workmanship is just as important as the aesthetics, which is why we only use the highest quality materials for all of our projects.

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A very professional job carried out by J.U.S.T, building our offices. They went the extra mile with some last minute alterations that always seem to materialise on contracts of this size, but was no issue to the workers who catered for them with no fuss at all.

The standard of detail and finishing was very high, with all involved extremely conscientious; I will certainly be using them again and have no reservations recommending them to anyone.


Mo Hassanyeh

Operations Director, Carlyle Limited

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Suspended Ceilings: A Detailed Guide

A suspended ceiling is a major component of modern architecture and construction. It is also referred as the dropped ceiling. Such ceilings are used in commercial and residential premises. Dropped ceilings are made by using a metal grid system. With suspended ceilings in Birmingham, there is a secondary ceiling that is under the structural ceiling. The dropped ceiling is suspended below using a set of wires and the grid is packed with tiles. The ceiling tiles for filling are manufactured using mineral fiber blends. The tiles are available in various styles that will suit the needs of different builders. Such tiles are used because they make it easy to have an access for maintenance and repairs.

Origin of Suspended Ceiling

The origin of dropped ceiling dates back to the Muromachi Period that was from 1337 to 1573. It was a popular choice in Japan during this period and was used for making the building more appealing. Later, in 1596 in London, the Blackfriars Theater was the first building in the Western world to have a dropped ceiling. Moreover, in the US the patent for the suspended ceiling was provided in 1919 by E.E. Hall, but it was granted in 1923. The dropped ceiling was created by using interlocking tiles. The only way to provide ease of access for maintenance was by starting at the edge. The tiles were removed until the desired place was reached. Afterwards, the tiles had to be installed again. Hence, it made the process extremely time consuming and expensive.

It was in the year 1958 when Donald A. Brown submitted the patent to have an accessible dropped ceiling construction. He wanted to introduce a ceiling design that enabled to have access to the ceiling from any place. In 1961, the patent was approved. Some of the people consider Brown to be the founder of the dropped ceiling. Since then, the dropped ceiling has been used that makes it easy to access.


Types of Dropped Ceiling

The dropped ceiling is a good way to add aesthetics to your space. A suspended ceiling can be both functional and stylish. The ceiling of your premises is a vital part of the structure that is the reason why it improves the practicality of the workplace. You can only benefit from this if the ceiling is installed by a professional. There are various types of suspended ceilings available that suits the needs of different people. Here are few of the most common types of the ceilings.

Exposed Grid

One of the popular types of the dropped ceiling is the exposed grid. It usually contains a long metal strip that is known as mains. These are linked to shorter metal parts that are called tees. The mains and tees are used to make the grid that is filled with the ceiling tiles. The grid system is exposed that has a 15/16 inches metal frame. There is no restriction on the width of the frame, it can be wider and slimmer.


Another the type of the suspended ceilings used in Birmingham is the multipurpose type of ceiling is the bandraster. In this type, the metal tees are used along with different lengths of mains. The mains and tees are utilized to develop patterns. This is a popular choice among the builders who want to make the ceilings unique. The bandraster requires a special kind of tiles that can fit the different sizes of patter. It is a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your space.

Suspended Drywall Ceilings

In this type of suspended ceiling, there is no need of metal gird to drop the ceiling. Instead, it uses hangers and wires to have drywall sheets underneath the ceiling. It is a great substitute for the system that requires a lot of framing. You can even add a flat sheet or drywall panels to give the pleasant and attractive look to the ceiling.

Concealed Grid

A good type of the suspended ceiling is the concealed grid. In this type of ceiling, the acoustic tiles are used that helps in hiding the grid system. The appeal created by the tiles is smooth and pleasing. The tiles have a groove in the perimeter that enables it to slide over in order to cover the mains and tees. It is an expensive choice in comparison to the exposed system. In contrast to the exposed system, in this system, it gets a little difficult to access the ceiling.

Benefits of Dropped Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are becoming a lot more popular in Birmingham homes and offices. They believe that it will make their house look fantastic. For most of the people, having a suspended ceiling is just because of aesthetics. However, there are many other advantages of using dropped ceilings. Here are some of the major benefits of using suspended ceiling.

Easy to Remove

One of the main benefits of suspended ceilings is that it can easily be removed. Are you wondering why you would remove it? Well, the answer is simple, you don’t know when you might need something repaired. Removing the suspended ceiling will not be a problem, you will be able to remove it without any trouble.

Useful in Hiding Any Flaws

Another benefit of using dropped ceiling is that can effectively hide all the imperfections of your ceiling. There are a lot of things that can make your ceiling look imperfect and unpleasant. Whether your ceiling has water stain or the paint starts to peel off, having a suspended ceiling is the right choice. It is a cost-effective option as you won’t have to go through the hassle of repainting the ceiling. You can just add a dropped ceiling to your home.

Installation is Simple

Most of the people think that installing a dropped ceiling is a daunting and time-consuming task. It is a misconception, that’s all. Installation of the dropped ceiling is very simple and easy. Some of the people are capable of installing it themselves. However, it is recommended to hire a professional to install the ceiling. This is because the safety of your family is of utmost importance. So, for keeping your family and house or office safe, you must use the help of an expert.


It is a great way ensure the safety of your family and workers. If you have a fireproof suspended ceiling, it can last for 1 hour in case of fire. This gives you and all the people to get out before the emergency service arrives. It is also possible to install the fire protection into the cavity. This will prevent the fire from spreading further and provides enough time to save lives.

Moisture Resistant

There are ceilings available on the market that are moisture resistant. This helps in averting the growth of mold and mildew. Hence, you can use the suspended ceiling anywhere in your house. This why it is mostly used in humid areas. You can even coat the ceiling with the antimicrobial treatments that will help in fighting the infection and halt the growth of bacteria.


The traditional ceiling cannot be changed or customized in any way. This is not the case with a suspended ceiling as you can customize it according to your own style. All you have to do is switch the tiles; in this way, you can change the appearance of any room. With the dropped ceilings, you can bring a touch of class and modern look to any space. It allows you to match the texture and color of the ceiling to the walls and floors. It is no doubt an effective way to make your room look stylish and wonderful.


Energy Efficient

Another great benefit of the dropped ceiling is that it can help in providing excellent insulation. As a result of this, it will lower your energy bill. This is because there will be less space to heat up. Along with this, the white surface of the ceiling will be for giving a reflective surface. This will brighten up the room creating the impression of more space.

Sound Resistant

J.U.S.T Suspended Ceilings Birmingham offer an effective way to get rid of unwanted noise pollution. Thanks to the dropped ceiling, you can now have peace in your home. It is known to have acoustic properties that absorb the sound. This is to ensure no outside sound goes inside the house. You will require the services of an expert to know which tiles will aid in soundproofing. So, you can have a peace and quiet house because of a suspended ceiling.

Installation of Lights is Easy

Most of the people think that you can’t install lights and fan on a dropped ceiling. Well, this is not true, you can easily install the lights and electronic appliances on a suspended ceiling. The ceiling is strong and powerful enough to hold the fans and lights.

Affordable Option

If you think it is better to have renovation then you are wrong. The dropped ceilings is a cost-efficient and less time-consuming choice. This is one of the reasons why it is popular in modern architecture. Such ceilings can be removed without any extra effort, making renovation easy.


The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations of 2015 states that all the people who contribute to the construction project must adhere to all the guidelines. According to the regulations, the customer must have in writing if there are more than 1 main designer and contractor. You are required to have construction phase plan if the construction lasts longer than 30 days.

Moreover, it is necessary for you to make sure the electrical equipment is connected correctly. You must use a 110-volt power supply, it is a safe working practice. You must make sure all the hazardous materials are named properly. It is crucial for the workers to wear gloves and glasses when handling delicate materials.

When working at height, the employer must consider whether there are any risks or not. There is no rule of 2m anymore. Whether you are working at 1m or 10m, you can be hurt. It is the responsibility of the employer to consider the risk linked to the tasks.

Furthermore, the low voltage cables and wirings that are not installed in the duct must use low toxicity and low smoke insulation wire. This is a way of protecting the people as it will not poison them with chemicals sucked through the ventilation. If there is a fire, it will prevent the fire from spreading into the plenum space.

The electrical equipment of high voltage is not allowed to be used in the plenum space. It is crucial for the high voltage wires to be enclosed in the conduit. The regulation requires the high voltage electrical wires to be inside the metallic container when in plenum space. It is not permitted to have electrical outlets in the plenum space for domestic devices. Though you can have outlets installed in the ceiling with the outlets exposed on the bottom of the ceiling. This is to prevent any accident because of wiring failure.

According to the regulations, it is imperative to have lights and fans properly installed in a suspended ceiling. In case of fire, the firemen are required to remove the ceiling to have access to the conflagration. A loose fixture might hit the firemen and might increase the problem. So, it is necessary for the fixture to be properly fitted into the ceiling.

In the areas that are prone to earthquake, the wiring must be diagonal so the ceiling system will not collapse because of the earthquake. It is required to have compression posts that will prevent the ceiling from bouncing during the earthquake.

Therefore, it is essential for you to contact an expert to install the suspended ceiling. This guide will help you make an informed decision, but for proper fitting and installation, you need the services a professional. The experts are skilled and experienced who have comprehensive knowledge about the ceiling. A good professional will help you guide through the process and make it hassle-free for you.

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